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Use the Correct Language and Style of Dissertation Work

A dissertation research is a serious scientific work that should be written in a certain language, while choosing a scientific style of narration. The language that the uses in his work shows how cultured and educated he himself is, as well as how he knows how to operate with specific scientific concepts. A scientific presentation is a certain judgment that is given in order to prove the truths revealed as a result of the study of the facts of reality.

A scientific text always has a semantic completeness. It is solid, coherent and proven. It contains only verified, proven facts. The use of special terms helps to briefly explain scientific processes, phenomena, as well as to give detailed definitions of specific concepts.

The only thing that should not be done is to deliberately overload the text with special terminology, since not all readers know it. While the text still needs to be publicly available.

Syntactic constructions

Often, many sentences in a scientific text are complex, they have quite a lot of connectives and conjunctions. It is mostly complex sentences that predominate, since with their help it is easier to build logically justified connections within these syntactic units. No need to try to specifically simplify the text of the work, since elements primarily carry the necessary logical dynamics. But also, do not “twist” the sentences too much, making each of them a whole paragraph. It is worth being somewhere between the two extremes described just above.

Ways of presenting the material:

  • You can first formulate a hypothesis, and then move the whole work towards its logical solution.

  • There is also another option: to begin with, you can formulate the task of scientific research, and then move from it to the final conclusion.

  • Deductive way of presentation: it is carried out from the general to the particular. Therefore, in this case, you can start writing a paper with axiomatic things, and then move on to the analysis of particular cases.

  • Inductive way of presentation: here the researcher moves from experimental data to theoretical postulates.

  • Descriptive presentation: in such a presentation of his thoughts, the researcher aims to show the facts themselves, without focusing much attention on the conclusions.


In conclusion of this article, I would like to say that it is very important to be able to write in a scientific style, because otherwise the dissertation work will simply not be allowed to be defended. Therefore, when writing a scientific work, you need to follow the course of presentation of your thoughts very closely, so all of them should be clear and concise.

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