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Motivation To Study Tips

Motivation To Study 1: Boring Subject? Make It Interesting.

Are you studying a particularly boring subject? Then turn it interesting! Turn the relevant key facts of that subject into something such as a song, rap, video, powerpoint, poster, drawing, symbol, infographic- anything that will interest you and is more aestetically pleasing to look at than chunks of text.

Motivation To Study 2: Stickk Contracts

Stickk is a website that allows you to place money on achieving a goal, and if that goal is not complete- you won't get the money. According to study helper once your goal is completed, a referee will verify and you will get to keep your money. Stickk found that goals are completed 3x faster when money is at steak.

Motivation To Study 3: Plan A Reward.

If you've kept to your study session successfully then make sure to reward yourself with a treat such as sweets, free time, chocolate etc. This will help you be more productive whilst studing as you will have something you're working towards.

Motivation To Study 4: Use The Correct Study Method

Make sure to use a study method that works for you, if you're a visual learner, don't listen to loads of podcasts. Chosing the right study method is important as it finds the best way you learn and remember facts.


Motivation To Study 5: Stand Up

If you spend the whole day sitting down whilst studying- why not stand up and work? Standing up gets the blood flowing and improves cognition performance.

Motivation To Study 6: Goal Completed?

At the end of each day make sure you have completed you big goals you set out at the start of the day. If you haven't you need to find a remedy to the situation such as putting in more hours the next day, until you have completed your goal.

Motivation To Study 7: Be Persistent

Be persistent and fight the urge to give up, and find the urge to carry on.

Motivation To Study 8: Get Lots Of Sleep

Make sure to get lots of sleep so you are well rested and have the energy to study.

Motivation To Study 9: Stop Making Excuses

According to studydaddy stop making excuses to yourself and make sure you study no matter what. Don't let anything get in the way with you and your studying.

Motivation To Study 10: Just Do It.

Just do it. Stop thinking about if you want to do it or not. Drop all what you're doing and go to study.

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