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English marketing is still very young and its age is a little over thirty years, and the education is much younger, even if it is a second higher education. There are quite a few highly qualified specialists in this area, and every good employee is worth everything. These people rarely teach in universities, as they are too busy making money and they do not have time to train "green" greenhorns. It is only when these professionals retire with huge amounts of capital that some of them think about passing on their knowledge to the next generation.

The second higher education in marketing includes such specializations as: marketing in the international arena, direct sales management, advertising customization, marketing and branding management, marketing aimed at corporate relations, strategic marketing, correct sales and marketing.

How good a specialist can one become by studying in UK.

The dynamics of the development of demand for marketing specialists in Russia is positive, much higher than in other countries, where the profession has been widely known for a very long time. Of course, the quality of the acquired knowledge and education in general is lower than in Western countries, we are still at the very beginning of the path and it makes sense to continue to develop. The main advantage of English education in the field of marketing is considered to be ready-made bases of materials necessary for training specialists. Since the main criteria and laws of marketing have already been identified by our Western colleagues, it is worth simply using the world experience in the field of studying this profession and focusing funding specifically on young professionals. Large and medium-sized businesses are constantly experiencing a shortage of qualified employees due to crises and economic downturns.



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